2022-02-16 | Concert with Klangforum Wien and Patrick Hahn (cond.) at Konzerthaus Vienna, works by Wojciech Błażejczyk et al.

2022-02-27 | Concert with Phace in Vienna (location tba), works by Clara Iannotta, José María Sánchez-Verdú, Helmut Oehring et al.

2022-03-19 | Concert with Phace at ASPEKTE Salzburg, works by Rebecca Sounders et al.

2022-03-30 | Concert with Phace at Konzerthaus Vienna, Works by Mirela Ivičević, Marta Sniady et al.

2022-08-12 | German Premiere of phantom by Wolfgang Mitterer with Phace and Lars Mlekusch (cond.) at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

2022-09-23 | Swiss Premiere of asymptotic freedom II for six electric guitars by Elena Rykova with the Ufa Sextet at the Zurich University of the Arts


© Samuel Toro Pérez 2021

Picture by Vic Shing